Quargo Concept:

We love technology!   We love creativity!  More than anything we wanted something to come along that would allow us to fully combine both of our loves.  But you know what?  Instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to come along and create something, we decided to get off our backsides and create it ourselves.  Hence, Quargo was born.  Using cutting edge technology Quargo allows us (and you) to be as creative as we like.  Really, the only limit is our warped imagination.  Enjoy.

Technical Description:

We use augmented reality to achieve our goal. The codes used are QR codes but they can be personalised to allow you to create your own, unique codes.  AR is then used to bring the codes to life and allow you, the user, to mix the virtual with the real world.

The Mobile Application:

Quargo is the tool that allows you to visualize the fictional, merge it with the real world and then takes photos to capture these fantastical moments in time.

The mobile application has 3 main features.
These are SCANNER, CAMERA and LIBRARY. You can reach these by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

When you scan a Quargo code,

the application downloads the virtual graphic that the code represents and switches to CAMERA mode, where you are able to see the virtual graphic and how it appears when merged with the real world.

Hold the Quargo code in front of the camera. Once it has been recognized the graphic will appear. Move the code, and the graphic will move with it.

Click CAPTURE to take pictures of this warped reality.

Share your creations with your friends via e-mail or social networks. Alternatively simply keep it in your photo gallery for a rainy day.

If you don’t have a Quargo code, or you just fancy something new, simply click library and choose one of the built in graphics.

When the locker is in unlocked mode you can see the graphic without a code.

You can move and scale the graphic manually with your fingers. You can also unlock the content from the code if you want to use the graphic without the code.

So what if you're not satisfied with your scanned or built in graphics?

Then why not create your very own virtual graphic and Quargo Code for free!?

Simply register on your mobile phone to get your free Quargo code.

To upload your graphic material you need to visit our website from a PC and log in or register if you have not yet done so.

Then you can upload your graphic.

By clicking to the different buttons you can reach scale, position and rotate functions and don’t forget to save your settings.

You now have your very own Quargo code with your own graphic on it.
Save it, print it, order stickers with your code on it. The world is your oyster!

Don't forget to order your own sticker to make sume fun!

This graphic content will appear in your library's recent selection, but if anyone scans your code they will also see your lovingly created graphic.

So with the help of Quargo, your imagination has come to life!

You can change the content any time you'd like to. But remember the saved upload will always be your last upload!

Now go! Let your twisted minds run wild!


Register here to upload your own graphic and create your own codes.

Log In:

Once you've registered you will receive an authentification email just so we can know for sure that you really exist.  Simply click on the link in the email to activate your registration.  You can then log in here.


Once you've logged in you will see the full selection of public codes with the uploaded graphics, so if you like any of them you are free to use them to create your own fun and mayhem.
Your Code:

This is where you will find your content.  First, upload your graphic.  It has to be a PNG file (but you can use alpha channel).  The max resolution is 800 x 800 pixels and 72 dpi RGB file.  Add a name and a short description if you want to upload your file and SAVE IT!  You will then see your graphic on the screen.

Here you will see your uploaded graphic on the Quargo code.  Set it as you would like (ie scale, rotate, position) and don't forget to save your setting here to!
Now you have your very own Quargo code. Print it, scan it, or send it to your friends so that they can enjoy your creativity to.
Or order your Quargo Code on a sticker! Easy and quick solution!

If you have any questions or any feedback, comments and suggestion feel free to contact us!

Commercial Use:

If you want to use our Products for commercial purposes you will require a License Agreement with Quargo. Please contact us to explore the opportunity.